IPL Schedule 2022

IPL Schedule 2022

IPL schedule 2022 is announced and as per the revealed details IPL start date is 26th March, 2022. Chennai Super Kings will take on Kolkata Knight Riders to kick off the IPL extravaganza in at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

2022 IPL time table suggest that there will be 58 days of excitng and thrilling cricket matches during which 70 IPL matches to take place between 10 star studded cricket teams. in this years IPL schedule there will be 12 double headers which will make your weekends more entertaining.

IPL Schedule 2022

IPL Schedule 2022

Complete details of IPL fixtures for its 15th edition are mentioned below in details with match date, day, time, mode and venue. Below IPL schedule is a complete guide for any IPL follower during this years edition.

Match #DateDayMatchVenueModeTime (IST)
126-Mar-22SaturdayCSK vs KKRWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
227-Mar-22SundayDC vs MIBrabourne – CCIDay/Night3:30 PM
327-Mar-22SundayPBKS vs RCBDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
428-Mar-22MondayGT vs LSGWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
529-Mar-22TuesdaySRH vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
630-Mar-22WednesdayRCB vs KKRDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
731-Mar-22ThursdayLSG vs CSKBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
81-Apr-22FridayKKR vs PBKSWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
92-Apr-22SaturdayMI vs RRDY Patil StadiumDay/Night3:30 PM
102-Apr-22SaturdayGT vs DCMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
113-Apr-22SundayCSK vs PBKSBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
124-Apr-22MondaySRH vs LSGDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
135-Apr-22TuesdayRR vs RCBWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
146-Apr-22WednesdayKKR vs MIMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
157-Apr-22ThursdayLSG vs DCDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
168-Apr-22FridayPBKS vs GTBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
179-Apr-22SaturdayCSK vs SRHDY Patil StadiumDay/Night3:30 PM
189-Apr-22SaturdayRCB vs MIMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
1910-Apr-22SundayKKR vs DCBrabourne – CCIDay/Night3:30 PM
2010-Apr-22SundayRR vs LSGWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
2111-Apr-22MondaySRH vs GTDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
2212-Apr-22TuesdayCSK vs RCBDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
2313-Apr-22WednesdayMI vs PBKSMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
2414-Apr-22ThursdayRR vs GTDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
2515-Apr-22FridaySRH vs KKRBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
2616-Apr-22SaturdayMI vs LSGBrabourne – CCIDay/Night3:30 PM
2716-Apr-22SaturdayDC vs RCBWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
2817-Apr-22SundayPBKS vs SRHBrabourne – CCIDay/Night3:30 PM
2917-Apr-22SundayGT vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
3018-Apr-22MondayRR vs KKRBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
3119-Apr-22TuesdayLSG vs RCBDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
3220-Apr-22WednesdayDC vs PBKSMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
3321-Apr-22ThursdayMI vs CSKDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
3422-Apr-22FridayDC vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
3523-Apr-22SaturdayKKR vs GJDY Patil StadiumNight3:30 PM
3623-Apr-22SaturdayRCB vs SRHBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
3724-Apr-22SundayLSG vs MIWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
3825-Apr-22MondayPBKS vs CSKWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
3926-Apr-22TuesdayRCB vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
4027-Apr-22WednesdayGT vs SRHWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
4128-Apr-22ThursdayDC vs KKRWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
4229-Apr-22FridayPBKS vs LSGMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
4330-Apr-22SaturdayGT vs RCBBrabourne – CCIDay/Night3:30 PM
4430-Apr-22SaturdayRR vs MIDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
451-May-22SundayDC vs LSGWankhede StadiumDay/Night3:30 PM
461-May-22SundaySRH vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
472-May-22MondayKKR vs RRWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
483-May-22TuesdayGT vs PBKSDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
494-May-22WednesdayRCB vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
505-May-22ThursdayDC vs SRHBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
516-May-22FridayGT vs MIBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
527-May-22SaturdayPBKS vs RRWankhede StadiumDay/Night3:30 PM
537-May-22SaturdayLSG vs KKRMCA Stadium, PuneDay/Night7:30 PM
548-May-22SundaySRH vs RCBWankhede StadiumDay/Night3:30 PM
558-May-22SundayCSK vs DCDY Patil StadiumDay/Night7:30 PM
569-May-22MondayMI vs KKRDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
5710-May-22TuesdayLSG vs GTMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
5811-May-22WednesdayRR vs DCDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
5912-May-22ThursdayCSK vs MIWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
6013-May-22FridayRCB vs PBKSBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
6114-May-22SaturdayKKR vs SRHMCA Stadium, PuneNight7:30 PM
6215-May-22SundayCSK vs GTWankhede StadiumDay/Night3:30 PM
6315-May-22SundayLSG vs RRBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
6416-May-22MondayPBKS vs DCDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
6517-May-22TuesdayMI vs SRHWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
6618-May-22WednesdayKKR vs LSGDY Patil StadiumNight7:30 PM
6719-May-22ThursdayRCB vs GTWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
6820-May-22FridayRR vs CSKBrabourne – CCINight7:30 PM
6921-May-22SaturdayMI vs DCWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM
7022-May-22SundaySRH vs PBKSWankhede StadiumNight7:30 PM

2022 IPL Schedule 2022 Details

  • Tournament Name: Indian Premier League
  • Edition: 2022
  • Number of Teams: 10
  • Number of Matches: 74
  • Number of Match Days: 58
  • Total Venues: 04
  • Current Champion: Chennai Super Kings

IPL Teams Schedule Here

This years IPL schedule is having 10 teams to battle it out for the final glory. Each team schedule of Indian Premier League 2022 is as below. Just click on your favorite teams below and check all details.

Indian Premier League 2022 Tournament Format

For the first time in IPL schedule teams have been divided into groups. Prior to this all IPL fixtiures are designed on round robin league during which 08 teams played each other on home and away basis.

IPL Groups 2022

Group A

  1. Mumbai Indian
  2. Kolkata Knight Riders
  3. Rajasthan Royals
  4. Delhi Capitals
  5. Lucknow Supergiants

Group B

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  3. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  4. Punjab Kings
  5. Gujarat Titans

IPL Play Offs Format

  • Top 2 teams will take each other in 1st Qualifier. (Winner will qualify for finals)
  • 3rd and 4th ranked team will face each other in eliminator.
  • Loser of 1st Qualifier and winner of eliminator will face each other in 2nd play off for berth in the finals.
  • Winner of 1st Qualifier and 2nd Qualifier will eventually meet in the final for the championship match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IPL 2022 Schedule announced?

Yes, IPL 2022 schedule is announced.

How many matches will be played in IPL 2022?

In IPL 2022 all team will play 70 matches, other than playoffs.

When IPL 2022 will start?

IPL 2022 will start on 26th March, 2022.

When IPL 2022 will end?

IPL 2022 will end on 27th May, 2022.

How many matches each team will play in IPL 2022?

Each IPL team will play 14 matches before play off begins.

In which stadium IPL 2022 will be held?

IPL 2022 matches will take place in Wankhede stadium, Barbourne Stadium, DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai and Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune.

How many IPL matches will held in Wankhede Stadium?

The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai will host 20 matches.

How many IPL matches will held in Brabourne Stadium?

Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai will both host 15 matches.

How many IPL matches will held in DY Patil Stadium?

DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai will host 20 matches.

How many IPL matches will held in Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium?

Pune’s Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium will host 15 matches.

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