Progressing Sports in USA

Progressing Sports in USA

Football and basketball are one of America’s favorite pastimes, along with soccer and other favorites. Sometimes it is a good idea to think outside the box and look for alternative sports. We have found three progressing Sports in USA that interesting athletic alternatives that are can be adopted by youth of USA.

Progressing Sports in USA


Cricket has been around for centuries, though it’s still obscure in some parts of the country. Caribbean South Asians, and Australians are the biggest markets whereas as Europeans are also emerging as new territories where cricket is quickly progressing.

If you want to learn how to play the game. It is similar to baseball in that it uses a bat and a ball to play. Pitches are rectangular fields where matches are played. There are two sets of three sticks at each end of the field, referred to as wickets. In alternate innings, each team bats and bowls (throws). A bowler attempts to hit the wickets while a batsman, at the opposite end of the pitch, tries to hit the ball and run to the wicket.

Once you learn the rules, you will find that they aren’t that complicated. Minor cricket league is already taking place in USA.


In the 1960s, pickleball was introduced for the first time and became widely popular. Tennis, badminton, and table tennis are all elements in this game, which can be played outdoors or indoors. An empty plastic ball is volleyed with a short paddle over the net. This sport is suitable for people of all ages since the court size is small and the pace is relatively relaxed and easy going.

In order to play pickleball, what equipment do I need? The equipment you need to play pickleball is not extensive. There are only three things you need to play volleyball: a ball, a net, and a paddle. In addition you can look out for best pickleball shoes women or men as per your requiement.

Four pickleball courts can be used to play on the same area as a tennis court. There are two 20-foot-wide and four 40-foot-long courts. In USA there are three pickleball courts on site, and these are Oak Point Recreation Center, Carpenter Park Recreation Center, and High Point Tennis Center. On wepickler, you can find pickleball court guides.

In case you are interested in participating in organized matches, the United States Pickleball Association website,, is your best bet for finding out about local leagues and tournaments in your area.

Disc Golf

Don’t mix it with its bit different. It’s relaxing and simple, but still competitive, and far less expensive. In the 1970s, Disc Golf was formalized with the formation of the Professional Disc Golf Association, an organization dedicated to disc golf.

Unlike regular golf, disc golf is played by throwing a disc instead of hitting a ball. Getting to the hole in the fewest shots possible is the goal. The “holes” on disc golf courses are usually raised metal baskets attached to poles.

Hoping that you will try one or all of the above games and enjoy them. Do let us know your experience on it.

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