Best T20 Leagues

Best T20 Leagues in World

Now a days there are plenty of franchise T20 leagues surfaced in the cricket world and there is always a debate that which is the best T20 league in the world or which is best T20 tournament overall? It is always a dilemma for fans either to rate leagues on highest t20 prizemoney or do T20 leagues comparison on basis of how many teams playing in a tournament.

Here we are providing a brief overview of every T20 league in the world and also tries to provide all details for all T20 competitions in the world so that cricket fans can make a decision on their own.

List of Best T20 Leagues in World Cricket

Rankings of Best T20 Leagues

RankT20 EventYear Inaugurated# of SeasonTeamsWinning Prize
1IPL20081414USD 2,696,258
2PSL201666USD 505,000
3BBL2011118USD 450,000
4CPL201396USD 429,799
5T20 Blast20031918USD 236,127
6BPL201277USD 236,099
7LPL202017USD 100,000
8Afghan201815USD 300,000

Indian Premier League

IPL can easily be rated as #1 T20 franchise cricket league in the world. IPL has the most # of teams participating as well as most number of editions (14 in total) have been organized so far. IPL also offering a massive winning prize of USD 2,696.258 which is much much much more than the second placed Pakistan Super League. IPL inaugurated in 2008.

Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League is not among the oldest T20 leagues but prize money they are offering for winning team is second best after IPL. PSL winning team gets USD 505,000. PSL is also expanding and there are hints that prize money for upcoming PSL edition will be much higher than offered currently. PSL first edition took place in 2016.

Big Bash League

Big Bash League is Australia’s pioneer franchise T20 league and they are much older than PSL and engage much more energy in competition by having more international players but their winning prize making them 3rd on the list of best T20 leagues in the world. BBL winning prize is USD 450,000. Big Bah League founded in 2011.

Caribbean Premier League

CPL is West Indies trade mark T20 tournament. Just like West Indian cricket CPL brings lots of flair and excitement to world cricket. CPL winning team prize money is USD 429,799 and so far its 9 editions took place since inception in 2013.

T20 Blast

England is the founder of T20 leagues and their tournament named as T20 blast is the first T20 league in the world. So far 19 editions of blast took pace with # of participating teams are 18 which is the highest amongst all T20 franchise cricket leagues. Blast prize money is USD 236,127 for the winning team. Blast 1st edition took place in 2003.

Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh Premier league started in 2012 but only able to organized 7 season of their home T20 league in 9 years. Their prize money of winning team is USD 236,099 and this placed BPL on 6th place in our best T20 leagues list.

Lanka Premier League

Sri Lanka’s very own T20 franchise cricket league which only started earlier this year but their efforts and continuity to host another event same year ranked it on 7th place in list of best T20 tournament in the world. Winning team prize money of LPL is USD 100,000.

Afghanistan Premier League

Afghanistan Premier League started in 2018 but suspended operations and no edition took place since the inaugural event. Afghanistan Premier League Prize money is USD 300,000 which is more than Blast, LPL and BPL but their recognition and non-operations a lot them at last place in Best T20 Leagues of the world

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