How To Play Cricket – Step By Step Guide

How To Play Cricket

Cricket is becoming popular among people around the globe. In the United Kingdom and Asia, you will see kids playing cricket on almost every street and ground. This sport is neither difficult nor easy to play. After you understand how to play cricket you need to have a lot of practice, mental strength, and grit to master this game.

How To Play Cricket

In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to play cricket.

What are the steps to play cricket?

If you have ever wondered what cricket is, then read on to find out all about it.

For playing cricket you will need a:

  • Bat
  • Ball
  • Stumps
  • Umpire


Bat is a stick with which you hit the ball to make runs. Bat weighs any figure between 1 and 2.5 kgs so you can choose any bat of your choice. As a beginner, we suggest you use a lighter bat to get the hang of the sport. As your game progresses you can play with a heavier bat.

You need to make lots of runs in order to win the match but you cannot hit every ball as it is an amateur’s attitude. On the contrary, you need to have a strategy in mind to increase runs. It should be a combination of sixes, fours, triples, doubles, and singles in a single over.


A Cricket ball is white or red in color. It is made of leather and is very heavy. A red ball is used in test cricket format and a white ball is used in ODIs (one-day innings).

In the beginning, you should play with a tennis ball. It would help you learn how to hit, and control the bat and your movements. Later in your career when you are confident in your game you can always switch to the leather ball.


Stumps are made of three sticks joined by two bails. They are called wickets and are placed at both batting and runner ends.


There are two teams of eleven players in each team. In the game of cricket, the umpire is necessary for this sport as an arbitrator and to make sure everyone plays according to the rules.

You must always listen to the umpire and not misbehave with them as you may get a very heavy penalty from ICC.

What is an ‘over’?

Over is a series of six successive deliveries. 1 over consists of six deliveries. Every format has its own set of overs. Test innings have 90 overs for each team. In ODIs, each team plays 50 overs. And in 20/20, there are 20 overs to be played.

Formats of Cricket

There are three formats of Cricket; test, one day, and 20/20.

Test cricket

In this format, teams play 90 over a match. The innings take five days to finish. It is a long game of nerves and consistency. You need to go slow, contrary to other formats, nevertheless, it is the hardest format because you need to be at your best for 5 consecutive days.


This is a one-day series and lasts for a few hours. Each team plays 50 overs. The team playing first strives to make the highest score in order to make the chase difficult. On the other hand, the opposing team works together to stop the runs by bowling their best and having a strong fielding plan on the ground.

The game continues until Either the over finishes or the whole team gets dismissed by another team’s hard work. Now the other team has to chase the target. For that, they come on the ground with a strategy.

The openers try to make the initial score as high as they can without getting out. Then the next player comes when one player gets out.

In this way, the opposing team works to reach the target. If they achieve it then they win or else the first team wins the match.

20/20 Match

The same pattern is followed in 20/20 format. The difference is there are 20 overs instead of 50 and hence, the name.

How to play cricket as a beginner?

If you are thinking about how I can learn cricket at home, you must try to play with your friends on the street or on the ground. Cricket is a very common game in Asia and you will find young children and adults alike playing it outdoors.

Try to watch a few games first to understand the nuances and then go on the field. Don’t be scared, just watch the ball and try to understand how it comes towards you and then hit it accordingly.

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Spinners can be deceptive. The ball may swing in the opposite direction and your chance of getting out will increase. Understanding the spinning ball takes time.

With lots of practice, fights and persistence you will master the game and one day become the star of your national team.


You need to learn to protect your wicket against bowling during the game. Practice hard to stay on the wicket for a long time while making runs as well. You must keep your eyes on the ball like every good player. And hit it according to its speed and your judgment. Fans love fast, sensible innings. Make sure you learn to give them a memorable experience of watching your beautiful game.

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