10 Greatest Cricket Players In History


Cricket is the most loved and exciting sport globally. There have been many different players worldwide and each one of them works to beat their goals. In this article, we will mention the most influential cricket players. Many renowned cricket players like W.G Grace and Sachin Tendulkar had impeccable skills. Like any other sport, Cricket has its stars.


We have listed down the most brilliant cricketers of all time.


India’s little master completed 15000 runs at the end of his career, one of the greatest batsmen ever. He enjoyed a 24-year international career. He led India to victory during the 2007-2008 Border-Gavaskar. He scored 154 to lead India to a historic victory over Australia. He also became the greatest talent in India.


Bradman holds the record for average test scores at 99.94, which hasn’t been beaten since. He is considered a legend and a source of inspiration to many young aspiring cricketers in Australia. After retiring, he continued with the sport as a writer, administrator, and selector. His most significant accomplishment was when he scored 947 runs against England.


His unique bowling technique made a big impact in Sri Lanka during his 19 years on the field. He holds the record for the most ten-wicket hauls at 22. He even took 66 five-wicket hauls in test matches, which is the highest. He is also the only player to have taken a ten-wicket haul in every country where tests are played. He also has a record of 11 awards for best player in test series cricket.

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Viv Richards was known as the “KING OF SIXES” and never wore a helmet. He is still a magical player to many fans. During a career that lasted for more than 50 years, he batted at 50.23 per inning in 121 test matches and put in 8540 runs.


The Pakistani bowler was a forerunner of the reverse swing and fast bowling technique. His left arm crowned him one of the best slow bowlers. He was the first bowler to reach 500 wickets in ODI. He did this during the 2003 world cup. He is the only player to have made four hat tricks in his career.


His common name was Michael Jordan of Cricket. His match-winning score of 153 against Australia is ranked the second-best in cricket history. In 2004 he thrashed England bowlers & scored 400 runs against Antigua. Playing for a losing side, he scored the most runs (351 runs) during a test match.


Shane Warne is among the world’s most famous cricketers. He holds the most wickets (96) taken in test matches in a calendar year. He is second to the Sri Lankan Muralitharan in wickets in international bowling statistics.


He became the deadliest hard hitter, the third player to score 13000+ runs. He is among the greatest players to come from South Africa. One of his most iconic games was his 2013 final match before retirement. Use IOS VPN to watch the game without any limits and enjoy cricket. Download the app and take advantage of the free trial period that is accessible to all users.


He is the current president of the Marylebone cricket club. He scored 28016 runs across his 15-year career. Have eight double centuries behind Bradmans, 12, and Laras, 9. He was the best batsman on his team. Having led Sri Lanka in the world cup in 2009 and 2011, they won the world twenty titles in 2014.


He completed more than 27000 runs during his 17-year international career. During his career, he played 168 tests. He became the record holder for most world cup appearances. He captained squads that won the world cup in 2003 and 2007. Of the 77 matches he has ever captained, his Australian side won 48 of them. He holds the record for most runs as captain at 8497.


Who was the greatest cricketer of all time?

Sachin Tendulkar remains the most acknowledged cricket player of all time. He achieved much at his small age

Who is the God of Cricket?

Sir Donald Bradman, an iconic Australian sportsman, is one of the top batsmen who have had a great achievement in his sports career.

Who is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of Cricket?

Gary Sobers is considered the best cricketer in the history of Cricket. He was referred to as five in one cricketer because he had all skills. 

Final thought

Even though Cricket is not as popular as other sports, it remains the most interesting sport. If you want to watch the most exciting matches, use VeePN to avoid restrictions and enjoy every moment of cricket.

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