Most Runs in Ashes History by a Batsman

Most Runs in Ashes History

The Ashes, the legendary Test cricket series contested between England and Australia, has witnessed some of the greatest cricketing moments and individual performances. Over the years, batters from both sides have showcased their exceptional skills with the bat. In this article, we take a look at the batters who have scored the most runs in the Ashes history. 

The list of the top 10 highest run scorers in The Ashes since the start is mentioned below, highlighting their remarkable contributions to this fierce rivalry. Unlike list of bowlers with most wickets batters list contains 5 players each from Australia and England. 

Most Runs in Ashes History

Sir Donald Bradman (Australia)

Sir Don Bradman is the best batsman in Ashes history

Undoubtedly, the greatest cricketer of all time, Sir Donald Bradman’s Ashes record remains unparalleled. He has scored the most runs in Ashes history. In 37 matches, Bradman amassed 5028 runs at an average of 89.78, including 19 centuries and 12 fifties. His sheer dominance and consistency have set an impossibly high standard, although he has left the game many decades ago.

Sir Jack Hobbs (England)


In the second place, England’s finest, Sir Jack Hobbs, one of England’s cricketing legends, was a formidable force against Australia. Hobbs scored 3,636 runs in 41 Ashes matches at an average of 54.26. His majestic stroke play and impeccable technique earned him 12 centuries and 15 half-centuries.

Allan Border (Australia)

Allan Border is 3rd highest run scorer in Ashes History

Allan Border, a respected figure in Australian cricket, was a driving force during a challenging era for his country. He is at the 3rd spot in batters who top-scored in Ashes history. In 42 matches Ashes career, Border scored 3222 runs at an average of 55.44, including 7 centuries and 19 fifties. His leadership and tenacity transformed Australian cricket.

Steve Waugh (Australia)

Steve Waugh is 4th highest run scorer in Ashes History

Another Australian is in the list of Ashes’ top scorers is Steve Waugh, a gritty and determined batsman who played a crucial role in Australia’s Ashes dominance during the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 45 matches, Waugh amassed 3173 runs at an average of 58.75, with 10 centuries and 14 half-centuries.

Steven Smith (Australia)

Steve Smith is 5th highest run scorer in Ashes History

Steven Smith is the only active cricketer in the list of top 10 run scorers in Ashes. Steven Smith has a tally of 3044 runs in 32 games of the Ashes. With his unorthodox batting style, Smith has scored 11 centuries and 11 half-centuries in The Ashes, averaging 59.68.

David Gower (England)

David Gower is 6th highest run scorer in Ashes History

Stylish David Gower was an English middle-order batsman his 3037 runs in The Ashes put him on the list of all-time great batters. At an average of 46, he scored 9 centuries and 11 fifties in 38 matches, and his highest score in The Ashes was 215. 

Wally Hammond (England)

Wally Hammond is 7th highest run scorer in Ashes History

Wally Hammond, a stylish and gifted batsman of his era, left an indelible mark on Ashes cricket. In 33 matches, Hammond scored 2852 runs at an average of 51.00, comprising 9 centuries and 7 half-centuries. His elegant stroke play made him a fan favorite.

Herbert Sutcliffe (England)

Herbert Sutcliffe is 8th highest run scorer in Ashes History

The late English batter, Herbert Sutcliffe, scored great runs in The Ashes in his career. In 27 Ashes Tests, he piled up 2741 runs at an average of 61. After Sir Donald Bradman, Sutcliffe has the highest average among the highest run-getters in Ashes. He has 8 centuries and 16 fifties to his name in The Ashes.

Clem Hill (Australia)

Clem Hill is 9th highest run scorer in Ashes History

Clem Hill played 41 tests in the Ashes, scoring 2660 runs. He averaged 35 with the bat in The Ashes and has 4 centuries and 16 half-centuries to his name. He is in the 9th spot on the list of Ash’s best batters.

John Edrich (England)

John Edrich is 10th highest run scorer in Ashes History

The former opening batter of England, John Edrich, stands 10th in the list of highest run-scorer in The Ashes history. Averaging 48, Edrich struck 2644 runs with 7 centuries and 13 half-centuries to his name.

List of Top 10 Scorers in Ashes History

1DG Bradman (AUS)1928-194837637502833489.81912
2JB Hobbs (ENG)1908-193041714363618754.31215
3AR Border (AUS)1978-19934273153222200*55.6719
4SR Waugh (AUS)1986-20034572183173177*58.81014
5SPD Smith (AUS)2010-202232565304423959.71111
6DI Gower (ENG)1978-199138693303721546911
7WR Hammond (ENG)1928-194733583285225151.997
8H Sutcliffe (ENG)1924-193427465274119466.9816
9C Hill (AUS)1896-191241761266018835.5416
10JH Edrich (ENG)1964-197532573264417549713

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