Had Pakistan always lost in Australia because of batting?

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Pakistan first visited Australia in 1964 to play one off test match and since then it’s been hard struggle for Pakistan team to make their mark on the Australian soil. Every now and then Pakistan comes up with some spirited performances but its like just once in a blue moon.

Off late Pakistan’s test performance in Australia is miserable as Pakistan had lost 13 consecutive test matches in Australia since 1999 before start of the ongoing series.

Bowling has always been regarded as strong forte for Pakistan since their inception in cricket; it is our batting that let us down more than often. Pakistani batsman have performed exceedingly well in almost all cricket playing countries but it is down to Australia where our batsman failed to seize the initiatives and failed to perform consistently well. Always finds it hard to carry their good batting form even into next test match.

Below is the list of Pakistan’s test centurions in Australia series wise.

List of Pakistani Batsmen Scored Test Century in Australia
List of Pakistani Batsmen Scored Test Century in Australia

Prior to ongoing series Pakistan had played 32 test matches in Australia and our batsmen collectively scored only 28 test centuries which is less than one century per test match. To win a test match you need couple of batsman to play long innings in order to get good score with support of other batsman who play supporting roles to get a good score and increase chances of winnings.

Another important fact to consider is regarding the carrying of good form in next match. Among all the 28 test centuries not once a single batsman had scored more than one century in a series. It shows that almost all of our batting greats mentioned in above list that played in Australia lose their initiative after scoring test century in Australia. Either it is due to mental aspect of succeeding in holding their place in the team after just one good innings or they got found out by Australian bowlers that stopped them to perform consistently well.

Also to note is that from 1999 to 2010 six Pakistani batsmen crossed the century mark but failed to carry the momentum and fall soon after century and not single batsman crossed 120 runs mark.

If Pakistan needs to perform well in Australia than it is up to the batsmen to support bowlers. Team management must need to carry the guys who are good at playing long innings in test matches. A quick fire century by one batsman in a test match not helps Pakistan’s cause of wining series down under.

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