Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Gwadar cricket stadium which is trending now a days because of its scenic beauty and breathtaking view. Pics of Gwadar cricket stadium circulating in different media raising a question if it is the most beautiful cricket stadium ever built.

Location of Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Gwadar is one of the newest port city of Pakistan situated in Balochistan and have seen plenty of developments over the past decade due to its location.

Gwadar Cricket stadium lies near the shores of Arabian Sea. And PSL franchise Peshawar Zalmi already used it as their training facility sometimes back and their owner Javed Afridi impressed with mesmerizing beauty of Gwadar Cricket Stadium

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Gwadar Cricket Ground Capacity

Capacity of Gwadar cricket ground is still unknown as there is plenty of development is still remain to take place on this ground.

Video of Gwadar Stadium Balochistan.

Gwadar Cricket stadium Balochistan recently create some good vibes not only from local fans but many international cricketers and commentators impressed with the beauty and lush green outfield that is creating a soothing affect for every cricket fan.

Gwadar Weather

Weather of Gwadar is also suitable for cricket. Hot weather with cool breeze at night due to passing by Arabian Sea waves temperatures in summers hovers around 31-32’C and in winters it goes down till 18-19’C.

Gwadar Stadium Pics

Gawadar Stadium Balochistan
Gawadar Cricket Stadium

Gwadar Stadium Details

Gwadar Cricket Stadium is surrounded by many mountains and bug rocks which gives its a look of an ancient sculpture. Lush green outfield with surrounded with rocks outside is creating vibes internationally.

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