USA Minor League Cricket 2021

Minor League Cricket USA

Minor League Cricket 2021 is one of the breakthrough cricket league for development of cricket in United States of America and is already underway as per the minor League cricket schedule announced by cricket authorities in USA. Tournament was initially set to take place in 2020 but due to pandemic its get postponed.

Minor league Cricket USA can be classified as preliminary round of USA major cricket league in 2023 and players from minor cricket league will be part of upcoming tournament.

Minor League Cricket Schedule 2021

Minor league cricket matches will start in 21 different cities of USA and all matches schedule on weekends so that more crowd and fan following can be engaged and make this USA first major cricket tournament a success.

27 participating teams have been divided into 2 conference groups Atlantic & Pacific and these conference groups are further divide into four subgroups. Details of all teams group will be discussed in detail below.

These 27 teams will play 218 matches across 21 different cities nationwide starting from 31st July and will continue for next 100 weekends before champions of the USA minor league cricket decided.

Minor League Cricket USA Schedule

31-Jul-21SaturdayFlorida BeamersDC HawksMaq Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayFt. Lauderdale LionsEmpire State TitansBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayMorrisville CardinalsThe PhiladelphiansAtlanta Cricket Fields*10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayChicago BlastersSt. Louis AmericansBPL Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayChicago CatchersMichigan Cricket StarsLyon Oaks10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayAustin AthleticsHouston HurricaneMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayBay BlazersSeattle ThunderboltsMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*10:00 AM
31-Jul-21SaturdayAtlanta FireNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersAtlanta Cricket Fields*2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdayMorrisville CardinalsNew Jersey StallionsAtlanta Cricket Fields2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdayOrlando GalaxyManhattan YorkersBroward County Stadium*2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdayDC HawksNew England EaglesMaq Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdaySt. Louis AmericansChicago BlastersBPL Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdayMichigan Cricket StarsChicago CatchersLyon Oaks2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdayAustin AthleticsIrving MustangsMoosa Stadium*2:00 PM
31-Jul-21SaturdaySeattle ThunderboltsGolden State GrizzliesMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*2:00 PM
01-Aug-21SundayThe PhiladelphiansAtlanta FireAtlanta Cricket Fields10:00 AM
01-Aug-21SundayNew Jersey StallionsAtlanta Param VeersParam Veers Cricket Field10:00 AM
01-Aug-21SundayFlorida BeamersManhattan YorkersMaq Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
01-Aug-21SundayNew England EaglesFt. Lauderdale LionsBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
01-Aug-21SundaySilicon Valley StrikersSeattle ThunderboltsMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*10:00 AM
01-Aug-21SundaySan Diego Surf RidersHollywood Master BlastersCanyonside Park10:00 AM
01-Aug-21SundayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersAtlanta Param VeersParam Veers Cricket Field2:00 PM
01-Aug-21SundayOrlando GalaxyEmpire State TitansBroward County Stadium*2:00 PM
01-Aug-21SundaySan Diego Surf RidersSocal LashingsCanyonside Park2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayOrlando GalaxyFlorida BeamersSilverstar Recreation Center10:00 AM
07-Aug-21SaturdayEmpire State TitansNew Jersey StallionsHowe Athletic Complex10:00 AM
07-Aug-21SaturdayAustin AthleticsChicago BlastersMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
07-Aug-21SaturdaySilicon Valley StrikersHollywood Master BlastersWoodley Park*10:00 AM
07-Aug-21SaturdaySocal LashingsBay BlazersWoodley Park10:00 AM
07-Aug-21SaturdayIrving MustangsSt. Louis AmericansMcKinney Cricket Ground1:30 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayThe PhiladelphiansDC HawksExton Park*2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayNew Jersey StallionsNew England EaglesHowe Athletic Complex2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayChicago CatchersAustin AthleticsMoosa Stadium*2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayHouston HurricaneMichigan Cricket StarsPrairie View Cricket Complex*2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdaySan Diego Surf RidersSeattle ThunderboltsKlahanie Park2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayHollywood Master BlastersBay BlazersWoodley Park2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdaySocal LashingsGolden State GrizzliesWoodley Park*2:00 PM
07-Aug-21SaturdayMorrisville CardinalsAtlanta FireChurch St. Park*6:00 PM
08-Aug-21SundayFlorida BeamersOrlando GalaxySilverstar Recreation Center10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersDC HawksExton Park*10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayManhattan YorkersNew England EaglesCanarsie Park10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayChicago BlastersHouston HurricanesPrairie View Cricket Complex*10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundaySt. Louis AmericansIrving MustangsMcKinney Cricket Ground10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayAustin AthleticsMichigan Cricket StarsMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundaySeattle ThunderboltsSan Diego Surf RidersKlahanie Park10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundaySocal LashingsSilicon Valley StrikersWoodley Park10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayHollywood Master BlastersGolden State GrizzliesWoodley Park*10:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayMorrisville CardinalsAtlanta Param VeersChurch St. Park*11:00 AM
08-Aug-21SundayManhattan YorkersNew Jersey StallionsCanarsie Park2:00 PM
08-Aug-21SundayThe PhiladelphiansNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersExton Park*2:00 PM
08-Aug-21SundayHouston HurricanesChicago CatchersPrairie View Cricket Complex*2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayBay BlazersSocal LashingsSanta Clara Cricket Club9:30 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdayAtlanta FireFt. Lauderdale LionsBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdayDC HawksNew Jersey StallionsVeterans Memorial Park*10:00 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdayNew England EaglesNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersExton Park*10:00 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdayIrving MustangsChicago CatchersMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdayMichigan Cricket StarsHouston HurricanePrairie View Cricket Complex*10:00 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdaySilicon Valley StrikersSan Diego Surf RidersMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*10:00 AM
14-Aug-21SaturdayOrlando GalaxyAtlanta Param VeersBroward County Stadium*2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayNew Jersey StallionsDC HawksVeterans Memorial Park2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayThe PhiladelphiansNew England EaglesExton Park*2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayHouston HurricaneChicago BlastersPrairie View Cricket Complex*2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayAustin AthleticsSt. Louis AmericansMoosa Stadium*2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdaySeattle ThunderboltsHollywood Master BlastersKlahanie Park2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayGolden State GrizzliesSocal LashingsSanta Clara Cricket Club2:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayBay BlazersSan Diego Surf RidersMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*3:00 PM
14-Aug-21SaturdayMorrisville CardinalsFlorida BeamersChurch St. Park*5:30 PM
15-Aug-21SundayOrlando GalaxyAtlanta FireBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayNew England EaglesDC HawksExton Park*10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersManhattan YorkersHowe Athletic Complex10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayIrving MustangsChicago BlastersMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundaySt. Louis AmericansAustin AthleticsPrairie View Cricket Complex*10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayHollywood Master BlastersSeattle ThunderboltsKlahanie Park10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundaySilicon Valley StrikersSocal LashingsMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayGolden State GrizzliesSan Diego Surf RidersSanta Clara Cricket Club10:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayFlorida BeamersMorrisville CardinalsChurch St. Park*11:00 AM
15-Aug-21SundayFt. Lauderdale LionsAtlanta Param VeersBroward County Stadium*2:00 PM
15-Aug-21SundayEmpire State TitansThe PhiladelphiansExton Park*2:00 PM
15-Aug-21SundayChicago CatchersHouston HurricanePrairie View Cricket Complex*2:00 PM
15-Aug-21SundayIrving MustangsMichigan Cricket StarsMoosa Stadium*2:00 PM
21-Aug-21SaturdayAtlanta FireOrlando GalaxyAtlanta Cricket Fields*10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayAtlanta Param VeersFlorida BeamersParam Veers Cricket Field10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayEmpire State TitansNew Jersey StallionsHowe Athletic Complex10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayManhattan YorkersThe PhiladelphiansIdlewild Park10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayChicago BlastersChicago CatchersBPL Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayMichigan Cricket StarsSt. Louis AmericansLyon Oaks10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayGolden State GrizzliesSilicon Valley StrikersArroyo Park10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayHollywood Master BlastersSocal LashingsWoodley Park*10:00 AM
21-Aug-21SaturdayNew Jersey StallionsNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersHowe Athletic Complex2:00 PM
21-Aug-21SaturdaySt. Louis AmericansMichigan Cricket StarsLyon Oaks2:00 PM
21-Aug-21SaturdayGolden State GrizzliesBay BlazersArroyo Park2:00 PM
21-Aug-21SaturdayFt. Lauderdale LionsMorrisville CardinalsChurch St. Park*5:30 PM
22-Aug-21SundayAtlanta FireFlorida BeamersAtlanta Cricket Fields*10:00 AM
22-Aug-21SundayAtlanta Param VeersOrlando GalaxyParam Veers Cricket Field10:00 AM
22-Aug-21SundayEmpire State TitansThe PhiladelphiansIdlewild Park10:00 AM
22-Aug-21SundayMorrisville CardinalsFt. Lauderdale LionsChurch St. Park*11:00 AM
22-Aug-21SundayDC HawksManhattan YorkersVeterans Memorial Park2:00 PM
22-Aug-21SundayEmpire State TitansNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersIdlewild Park2:00 PM
22-Aug-21SundaySilicon Valley StrikersBay BlazersMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayManhattan YorkersNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersCanarsie Park10:00 AM
28-Aug-21SaturdayChicago BlastersAustin AthleticsBPL Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
28-Aug-21SaturdayHollywood Master BlastersSilicon Valley StrikersWoodley Park*10:00 AM
28-Aug-21SaturdaySan Diego Surf RidersGolden State GrizzliesWoodley Park10:00 AM
28-Aug-21SaturdayFlorida BeamersAtlanta FireMaq Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayAtlanta Param VeersFt. Lauderdale LionsBroward County Stadium*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayDC HawksEmpire State TitansVeterans Memorial Park2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersNew England EaglesCanarsie Park2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayThe PhiladelphiansNew Jersey StallionsExton Park*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayChicago CatchersIrving MustangsWashington Park/Skokie2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdaySt. Louis AmericansHouston HurricaneACAC Park 1 & 2*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayMichigan Cricket StarsAustin AthleticsBPL Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdaySocal LashingsSeattle ThunderboltsMarymoor Park2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdaySan Diego Surf RidersSilicon Valley StrikersWoodley Park*2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayBay BlazersHollywood Master BlastersWoodley Park2:00 PM
28-Aug-21SaturdayMorrisville CardinalsOrlando GalaxyChurch St. Park*5:30 PM
29-Aug-21SundayFt. Lauderdale LionsAtlanta FireBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayFlorida BeamersAtlanta Param VeersMaq Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayEmpire State TitansDC HawksVeterans Memorial Park10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayChicago BlastersIrving MustangsBPL Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayChicago CatchersAustin AthleticsWashington Park10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayHouston HurricaneSt. Louis AmericansACAC Park 1 & 2*10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundaySeattle ThunderboltsSocal LashingsMarymoor Park10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundaySan Diego Surf RidersBay BlazersWoodley Park10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayGolden State GrizzliesHollywood Master BlastersWoodley Park*10:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayOrlando GalaxyMorrisville CardinalsChurch St. Park*11:00 AM
29-Aug-21SundayThe PhiladelphiansManhattan YorkersExton Park*2:00 PM
29-Aug-21SundayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersNew Jersey StallionsHowe Athletic Complex2:00 PM
29-Aug-21SundayMichigan Cricket StarsIrving MustangsBPL Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdayFt. Lauderdale LionsNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdayNew Jersey StallionsOrlando GalaxyMaq Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdayBay BlazersChicago BlastersACAC Park 1 & 210:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdaySocal LashingsAustin AthleticsPrairie View Cricket Complex*10:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdaySan Diego Surf RidersIrving MustangsMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdayGolden State GrizzliesMichigan Cricket StarsACAC Park 1 & 2*10:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdayEmpire State TitansMorrisville CardinalsChurch St. Park*11:00 AM
04-Sep-21SaturdayDC HawksAtlanta FireAtlanta Cricket Fields*2:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdayAtlanta Param VeersNew England EaglesAtlanta Cricket Fields2:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdayThe PhiladelphiansFlorida BeamersMaq Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdayChicago CatchersSeattle ThunderboltsACAC Park 1 & 2*2:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdaySilicon Valley StrikersSt. Louis AmericansACAC Park 1 & 22:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdayHouston HurricaneHollywood Master BlastersPrairie View Cricket Complex*2:00 PM
04-Sep-21SaturdayManhattan YorkersMorrisville CardinalsChurch St. Park*5:30 PM
05-Sep-21SundayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersFlorida BeamersMaq Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayNew Jersey StallionsFt. Lauderdale LionsBroward County Stadium*10:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayDC HawksNew England EaglesAtlanta Cricket Fields*10:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayChicago BlastersGolden State GrizzliesACAC Park 1 & 2*10:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayHouston HurricaneSan Diego Surf RidersPrairie View Cricket Complex*10:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayIrving MustangsSocal LashingsMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayMichigan Cricket StarsBay BlazersACAC Park 1 & 210:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayEmpire State TitansManhattan YorkersChurch St. Park*11:00 AM
05-Sep-21SundayAtlanta FireNew England EaglesAtlanta Cricket Fields2:00 PM
05-Sep-21SundayAtlanta Param VeersDC HawksAtlanta Cricket Fields*2:00 PM
05-Sep-21SundayThe PhiladelphiansOrlando GalaxyMaq Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
05-Sep-21SundaySilicon Valley StrikersChicago CatchersACAC Park 1 & 2*2:00 PM
05-Sep-21SundaySeattle ThunderboltsSt. Louis AmericansACAC Park 1 & 22:00 PM
05-Sep-21SundayAustin AthleticsHollywood Master BlastersMoosa Stadium*2:00 PM
06-Sep-21MondayBay BlazersChicago CatchersACAC Park 1 & 2*10:00 AM
06-Sep-21MondaySt. Louis AmericansGolden State GrizzliesACAC Park 1 & 210:00 AM
06-Sep-21MondaySocal LashingsHouston HurricanePrairie View Cricket Complex*10:00 AM
06-Sep-21MondayAustin AthleticsSan Diego Surf RidersMoosa Stadium*10:00 AM
06-Sep-21MondayChicago BlastersSilicon Valley StrikersACAC Park 1 & 22:00 PM
06-Sep-21MondayHollywood Master BlastersIrving MustangsMoosa Stadium*2:00 PM
06-Sep-21MondaySeattle ThunderboltsMichigan Cricket StarsACAC Park 1 & 2*2:00 PM
11-Sep-21SaturdayAtlanta FireMorrisville CardinalsAtlanta Cricket Fields*10:00 AM
11-Sep-21SaturdayOrlando GalaxyFt. Lauderdale LionsSilverstar Recreation Center10:00 AM
11-Sep-21SaturdayNew England EaglesEmpire State TitansIdlewild Park10:00 AM
11-Sep-21SaturdayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersThe PhiladelphiansHowe Athletic Complex10:00 AM
11-Sep-21SaturdaySeattle ThunderboltsSilicon Valley StrikersMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*10:00 AM
11-Sep-21SaturdayIrving MustangsHouston HurricaneSandy Lake Cricket Ground2:00 PM
11-Sep-21SaturdayAtlanta Param VeersMorrisville CardinalsAtlanta Cricket Fields*2:00 PM
11-Sep-21SaturdayDC HawksThe PhiladelphiansHowe Athletic Complex2:00 PM
11-Sep-21SaturdayManhattan YorkersEmpire State TitansIdlewild Park2:00 PM
11-Sep-21SaturdayChicago CatchersChicago BlastersWashington Park/Skokie2:00 PM
11-Sep-21SaturdaySeattle ThunderboltsBay BlazersMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*2:00 PM
12-Sep-21SundayFt. Lauderdale LionsOrlando GalaxySilverstar Recreation Center10:00 AM
12-Sep-21SundayDC HawksNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersHowe Athletic Complex10:00 AM
12-Sep-21SundayNew England EaglesManhattan YorkersKeney Park/Boston TBD10:00 AM
12-Sep-21SundayGolden State GrizzliesSeattle ThunderboltsMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*10:00 AM
12-Sep-21SundayHollywood Master BlastersSan Diego Surf RidersCanyonside Park10:00 AM
12-Sep-21SundayNew Jersey Somerset CavaliersEmpire State TitansHowe Athletic Complex2:00 PM
12-Sep-21SundayNew England EaglesNew Jersey StallionsKeney Park/Boston TBD2:00 PM
12-Sep-21SundayHouston HurricaneAustin AthleticsPrairie View Cricket Complex*2:00 PM
12-Sep-21SundaySocal LashingsSan Diego Surf RidersCanyonside Park2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayFt. Lauderdale LionsFlorida BeamersMaq Cricket Stadium*10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdayManhattan YorkersDC HawksCanarsie Park10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdayNew England EaglesEmpire State TitansKeney Park/Boston TBD10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdayMichigan Cricket StarsChicago BlastersLyon Oaks10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdayChicago CatchersSt. Louis AmericansWashington Park/Skokie10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdayIrving MustangsAustin AthleticsSandy Lake Cricket Ground10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdaySilicon Valley StrikersGolden State GrizzliesArroyo Park10:00 AM
18-Sep-21SaturdayAtlanta Param VeersAtlanta FireParam Veers Cricket Field2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayFlorida BeamersFt. Lauderdale LionsMaq Cricket Stadium*2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayNew Jersey StallionsManhattan YorkersCanarsie Park2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayNew England EaglesThe PhiladelphiansKeney Park/Boston TBD2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayChicago BlastersMichigan Cricket StarsLyon Oaks2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdaySt. Louis AmericansChicago CatchersWashington Park/Skokie2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayHouston HurricaneIrving MustangsSandy Lake Cricket Ground2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdayBay BlazersGolden State GrizzliesArroyo Park2:00 PM
18-Sep-21SaturdaySocal LashingsHollywood Master BlastersWoodley Park*2:00 PM
19-Sep-21SundayManhattan YorkersEmpire State TitansCanarsie Park10:00 AM
19-Sep-21SundayAtlanta FireAtlanta Param VeersAtlanta Cricket Fields*10:00 AM
19-Sep-21SundayNew Jersey StallionsThe PhiladelphiansExton Park*2:00 PM
19-Sep-21SundayBay BlazersSilicon Valley StrikersMorgan Hill Outdoor Sports Complex*2:00 PM

Minor League Cricket Groups

Atlantic Conference

Eastern Division Clubs

New England Eagles, New Jersey Somerset Cavaliers Cricket Club, New Jersey Stallions, Empire State Titans, Manhattan Yorkers, The Philadelphians, DC Hawks

Southern Division Clubs

Atlanta Fire, Atlanta Param Veers, Fort Lauderdale Lions, Florida Beamers, Morrisville Cardinals, Orlando Galaxy

Pacific Conference

Western Division Clubs

Silicon Valley Strikers, Bay Blazers, Hollywood Master Blasters, SoCal Lashings Cricket, Golden State Grizzlies, San Diego Surf Riders, Seattle Thunderbolts

Central Division Clubs

Austin Athletics, Chicago Blasters, Chicago Catchers, Irving Mustangs, Houston Hurricanes, Michigan Cricket Stars, St. Louis Americans

USA Minor League Cricket Format

All teams in same division will face each other on home and away basis and will play few matches against other division as well due to the unbalanced number of teams in each division.

Top 2 teams from each group will qualify for super eight round of the tournament. Where winner of 1st division will play the runner up of 2nd division in best of three matches and then winner of each quarter final on September 25 & 26 and will move to semi final stage of USA minor cricket league.

The two teams qualifying from the conference semi-finals will play each other in a national semi-final on October 2 before the conference champions tournament final take place on October 3.

Minor League Cricket Prize Money 2021

Total prize money of USA minor cricket league is USD 250,00 which is highest for any cricket tournament ever organized in USA. Minor league winning team will receive USD 125,000 whereas runner up team will end up taking USD 30,000 with them. Other division champion teams who will not qualify for final will receive USD 15,000 each.

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