Sohail Khan And Umar Akmal – Outstanding And Standing Out

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When Mickey Arthur was appointed as Pakistan cricket team’s head coach in May 2016, it was always expected that his strict approach and no compromise disciplined standards can create problems for few of the problematic children of Pakistan cricket. It becomes much more evident when fitness becomes the top priority of Pakistan cricket for the first time in many years. Fast Bowler Sohail Khan was the first one who feels the grunt of fitness criteria when he was sidelined from the Pakistan team despite putting up reasonable performance with the ball. Then comes the King of controversy Umar Akmal who poor fitness becomes the reason of his ouster from the Pakistan cricket team.

Both Umar Akmal and Sohail Khan went out of reckoning for the same reason but the path they took for the readmission in Pakistan cricket was totally different which result in Sohail Khan has been hailed as outstanding whereas Umar Akmal is still standing out and waiting for his chance.

Sohail Khan who took wickets in all the formats which he played at domestic level. He was the leading wicket taker PSL 2017 edition and also the joint third highest wicket taker in Pakistan Cup, 2017 but all this went in vain as he was unable to win a place in Mickey Arthur’s good book. So he just went away silently and made his efforts do the talking. Recently his improved physical fitness no just to win a place in team but also a soft corner in Mickey Arthur’s heart.

On the other hand Umar Akmal who also get dropped for the same reasons as he failed to pass fitness test as many as three times and sent back from England to work on his fitness. He lost his central contract too because of fitness issues. He took the other path came out all gun blazing in Pakistan media and bashed Mickey Arthur and accused that there is a conspiracy going on in Pakistan cricket against him.  Umar Akmal’s past record is already filled with controversial acts and with current outburst things will not going to become favorable for him. He needs to put up efforts to reach the level of fitness which has been set by PCB.

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