PSL Spot Fixing Scandal – still an unsolved mystery

Spot Fixing Scandal

It seems ages when PSL spot fixing case was unearthed in February 2017. 9 months had passed so far and still counting with nothing much have developed which will close this case.

The scandal was made public in February 2017 and a three man tribunal was formed to investigate the matter. The three cricketers whose cases are continued to get heard are explosive openning batsman Sharjeel Khan, right handed opening batsman Khalid Latif and an out of reckoning batsman Shahzaib Hassan

The suspects and the charges

Aggressive left hander Sharjeel Khan who was developing as a real force to reckon at international level and improved his credentials through a consist run of late. Sharjeel has played 1 test match, 32 ODI’s and 15 T20I’s for Pakistan. He has been accused of playing dot balls deliberately in opening match of PSL, 2017. There were other charges as well but this was the main reason for his suspension.

Khalid Latif who was just starting to cement his place in Pakistan cricket team in limited over format after being left in despair for years since making his debut way back in 2008. Although he hasn’t played a single match in PSL 2017 edition but still he is been accused spot fixing because of change of grips of his bat which he was set to use during PSL 2017 which means he was agreed to a deal with fixers and he was also accused of influencing others for fixing.

Shahzaib Hassan discarded opener has also been charged for enticing other players to get involved in spot fixing. Although a former international who was not in the limelight for some years but still he is been accused of spot fixing.

Budding all rounder Mohammad Nawaz who was the find of first season of PSL held in 2016 and have been graduated to international level because of his all round show in PSL was also found guilty of not reporting the approach from the fixers. He was lucky as his case was folded early and he was banned for 2 months from playing cricket and a fine of Rs. 200,000 was imposed.

Left arm fast bowler Mohammad Irfan who was one of the permanent members of Pakistan cricket team was also found guilty of not reporting the approach and he was also fined for Rs. 1000,000 and a one year ban was also handed over as he accept his mistakes of not reporting the approach but also clarify that the denied the approached which was made to him twice during PSL, 2017.

Former opening batsman Nasir Jamshed who was once hailed as a next big thing when he hit 3 ODI centuries against India in as many games is currently in England and has been involved in this saga as one of the main culprits of this fixing scandal. PCB is yet to charge any serious allegations against him as they are still waiting for closure of investigation carried out by national crime agency of UK against Nasir Jamshed.

The tribunal formed by PCB is just lingering on with the case, as per the PCB’s statement since start of this case they have authoritative and conclusive evidences against the players which can proved them guilty but still during the 9 months nothing conclusive have been presented by any of the side. Most of the allegations seem to be based on the assumptions which PCB has made.

Mohamad Nawaz and Mohammad Irfan both committed the same mistake of not reporting the approach of bookies but the difference in their punishments showcasing the double standards in PCB’s approach to certain cricketers.

Kahlid Latif’s case is bit tricky as he and his lawyers are playing games by approaching various courts for withdrawal of this committee but they are not trying to prove Khalid innocent.

Sharjeel’s lawyer has done his part by doing all the necessary things which can prove his client innocent. They attended all the hearings; followed all the deadlines but still waiting for PCB’s decision on Sharjeel’s fate.

PCB needs to sort this issue as soon as possible; otherwise delay in justice will create doubts among the fans and suspects about this investigation.

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