Najam Sethi’s tenure as PCB Chairman close to end

Najam Sthi's position as PCB chief is in danger

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With not much happening in cricket field for Pakistan as no cricket matches schedules in next couple of months for national team but there is still some buzz in PCB head quarters as Najam Sethi’s position as PCB chairman is in danger after Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) win in general election 2018.

As PTI chairman Imran Khan is all set to become Patron-in-Chief of PCB with whom Najam Sethi doesn’t enjoy happy relationship of past as both Imran and Sethi have digs at each other several times before and Imran accused Naham Sethi in the past as the main person who helped PML(N) winning the last election as he was a close ally of Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif.

Although this was always on the cards that Najam Sethi will be in hot water as soon as PTI will win elections but this become certain when Zulfi Bukhari one of Imran’s close aide advises Najam Sethi to resign as PCB chief according to sources.

Although there is no doubt that Najam Sethi’s appointment was done on the political affiliations with last government and beyond merit but after several hick ups and court hearings it was of late that he was enjoying his position as PCB chief.

Success of Pakistan super league and improvement in team’s performance made him comfortable at the helm of affairs but it all seems in vain as future Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to end the political appointments in sports bodies in Pakistan.

Another nail in the coffin for Mr. Sethi can be inquiry over him as FBR scrutinises chairman PCB and his wife on assets.

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