Where to watch Lanka Premier League in India ?

Lanka Premier League in India

India is one of the biggest market for cricket and they not only host IPL successfully but their stakes in other leagues are also increasing and they are playing their role in the promotion of cricket. Lanka Premier League hosting rights were previously with SONY but now broadcast Lanka Premier League in India will be through Star Sports.

LPL will not feature any player from India in the foreign players list but still, its following in India has increased with time. For Lanka Premier League Live streaming in India fans can log onto Fancode which is one of the fastest-growing sports streaming in India.

The cricket extravaganza in Sri Lanka will commence from July 1 and will last till July 21 with all the matches will take place in three different venues across the Sri Lankan Island.

Star Sports is one of the pioneers in cricket broadcast and has covered major cricket events internationally and local cricket competitions from all parts of the world even though there is no concept of telecasting domestic cricket games because of low interest and financial gains.

On the other had fan code just emerged at the right time for cricket fans when the phenomenon of live streaming rising for the cricket fans. The use of handphones, tablets and electronic gadgets made people to see their favorite cricket competitions on the go.

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