ICC FTP 2019-23, PCB’s Diplomatic Failure or Lack of Awareness?


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In recently proposed ICC FTP for next 4 years Pakistan’s itineraries can easily be marked as PCB’s failure. In last few years launching of PSL is the only good thing done by Pakistan cricket board, other than that on all other fronts PCB seems to be tamed body which has no vision and failed to maintain good diplomatic ties with other full member cricket boards and ICC.

Being one of the top nations in cricketing fraternity Pakistan has won almost all major ICC tournaments and got ranked as # 1 test team of the globe in the past, the proposed itineraries are shameful.

As per the initial draft of ICC FTP 28 test matches, 38 ODI’s & 38 T20’s that all what Pakistan will get in next 4 years in international cricket out of the 1460 days available Pakistan can only be found on the cricket field for 216 days. What our cricketers will be doing for the remaining of 1244 days, are Pakistani players going to find part time work for themselves or are they be going to be paid by PCB for doing just nothing.

Pakistan cricket Board have been hijacked by some of the ex cricketers who are present in the cricket board since ages. They have served almost every chairman of PCB during the last 30 years in one capacity or the other. Likes of Wasim Bari, Shafiq Papa, Haroon Rasheed and some others remained at the PCB think tank and only the face of chairman changes but not the mindset.

PCB is wasting its money, time and most importantly respect in trying to revive bilateral cricketing ties with India. It has become evident that India has no interest in playing with Pakistan but PCB still making fun of themselves by giving statements every now and then on reviving of Pakistan and Indian cricketing ties. Now PCB has pinned its hopes that if India agreed to play Pakistan then we can get additional 20 odd matches but this is just an assumption. The role of ICC is just like a puppet and ICC cannot force India to play with Pakistan in a bilateral series.

PCB should need to work on strengthening its working relationship with other boards and secure at least 3 test match series which they failed to finalize in current ICC FTP for 2019-23, also should try to have an iconic series just like India is doing with Australia, England, South Africa.

If PCB fails on this front also than heavy shake up in PCB’s management will be inevitable.

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